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Propel Your Purpose Soul Mentorship

A 4-week online group coaching program that helps you get in alignment with your #soulpurpose, bring your whole self to the table, and live your best life.


This program is perfect for you if


  • You’re a multipassionate, multitalented Type A high-achiever (...perhaps even with over-achieving tendencies...) ;)

  • You’ve been thinking to yourself, “I’m extremely competent in many things. Look at all the things I’ve accomplished already. I know whatever I set my mind on, I ace it. I can do anything...IF only I know that ONE thing is!” (Hint: there isn’t… and yet, there IS.)

  • You’re asking, “I already know what my life mission and #soulpurpose is. How do I translate that into tangible outcomes in my work and life, so that I can make the difference I want to make - the difference that MATTERS?”

  • You’re wanting to feel in your gut, your heart, and your mind (definitely the #monkeymind) that resounding “YES!” that happens when you know you’re exactly where you need to do, doing exactly what you need to do… that everything is “just right”.

  • You’ve been successful - usually by the expectations and standards of others - many times over throughout your career and life. And yet, deep inside you, you’ve been yearning, “There’s gotta be more…” and wondering, “What’s Next?”


In this illuminating and experiential online program, we’ll help you


  • Develop a crystal-clear vision for your best life -- the one where you bring your whole self to the table -- and when you can “see” it, you can create it for yourself #nosweat


  • Awaken and expand your awareness -- discover and clear what’s in your way of fully connecting with your best self; so that you can tap into a deep sense of knowing and wisdom for next steps on your path (our urban spiritual pet phrase for this = “downloads”)


  • Rise through your upper-limits -- learn where and what your invisible walls (spiritual roadblocks) are; so that you can break-free from old, limiting stories that are holding you back, and write new ones that will propel you forward into consistent wealth, health and greater impact

  • Beat time at its own game -- learn how to expand time and “have it all” (Because when you “...say ‘YES’ with enough focus, you’ll have little need for ‘NO’.” — Marcus Buckingham, Find Your Strongest Life)

  • Lead your life vs being led by life -- learn how to intentionally align your life and business with your #soulpurpose. YESSS… Not only would you know that you’re on the right path, you’ll be energized and fueled by the aligned steps, and inevitably take inspired action; bringing all of your forward with ease and momentum!




  • 3 high-impact modules soulfully designed to help you Propel Your Purpose towards self-mastery and your best life - delivered to your inbox, for you to work through at your preferred time, in the comfort of your own home [$3,000 value]

  • Your personal Propel Your Purpose Roadmap - a collection spiritual tools and strategies you can implement to infuse your soul purpose into your life and business so that your desired outcomes becomes inevitable [$500 value]

  • A safe and sacred container for 4 weeks of energetic support and e-coaching from us inside our private Facebook group [$4,000]

  • Bonus Live Q&A call to support your inner shifts and outer transformations [$1,000 value]

  • A community of like-minded, soulful and ambitious business owners and executives committed to leadership and self-mastery -- many of our past program participants have formed powerful and meaningful connections during the program, and have remained connected since! [Priceless]

  • IMMENSE VALUE - our private clients work with us at a starting rate of $5,000 per month to receive this kind of information and support!


What to expect


  • The program modules (video, audio, and PDF worksheets) will be delivered straight to your inbox on Tuesdays, starting September 20th

  • We'll be providing energetic support and e-coaching inside the group Mondays-Fridays during the 4-week course of the program

  • An Accountability Check-In Form will be emailed to you every Thursday to help you review your progress for the week; and submit questions for the Q&A Call

  • The Q&A Call will be conducted "live" on October 11th; we'll email the recording of the call within 24 hours


Why our previous programs SOLD OUT

“If you feel drawn to it, just go for it. I cleared some deep energetic blocks that were holding me back and making me feel shy and have been having so much fun participating in life without these restrictions ever since. I highly recommend you take the leap of faith and save a seat for this program before it sells out!” — ERIN KNIGHT, HEALTH ENGINEER

“Don't walk, run to sign up. Tay & Val stand behind the quality and IMMENSE value of their work. I've experienced immediate and tangible shifts - inner and external. My relationships are flourishing and the clarity on my path, purpose, and business have never been clearer. I'm grateful to this duo for helping me move past blocks that had previously kept me stuck for over two decades. These two are truly special, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Thanks ladies!” — BRENNA JOELLE, LIFE COACH

“If you are ready to dive deep to unlock the barriers that have been holding you back, I highly recommend that you work with Tay & Val. Their work will help you see the things you can’t always see in yourself.” — MARLI WILLIAMS, ACTIVATION COACH & PURPOSE FINDER

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